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Show me that you have a seed and I am prepared to expect wonders.


Holistic Mental Health Treatment for Anxiety, Stress and Addiction

Cambridge Mind Body provides proven resources for helping clients live with more ease and freedom in body, mind, and relationships. Combining traditional counseling methods with effective mind/body tools, clients choose among the following approaches to help cultivate well being:

  • Holistic mental health treatment for anxiety, stress, addiction, and other life challenges

  • Mindfulness and stress management training for individuals, families and organizations

  • Therapeutic yoga, meditation and wellness consultation for cultivating positive mind and body states

  • Personal retreats and intensives for going deep into focused personal growth

Pandemic anxiety: mental health, mindfulness and opportunity in a time of great uncertainty

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From the Blog

Ever find yourself sheepishly wondering if you are the owner of a smartphone, or it's the smartphone who owns you? Friend, you are not alone.

It's been pretty clearly established that Apple and other digital giants studied such 'noble' disciplines as the gambling indust...

Mindfulness is the radical practice of putting the mind and body in the same place, at the same time.

Sound kind of obvious? Sure, but how often is the mind somewhere else, miles or hours or even years away, in an imaginary world? Your body is at, say, the kitchen table...

I was in a swaying crowd at a yoga retreat, grooving to an evening of call-and-response chanting, or Kirtan. All was peace and love and namaste. The band sang Sanskrit devotional lines and we sang them back, no doubt mangling plenty. Beyond names of yoga poses, how muc...

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Douglas Baker

Therapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher, and author of a 2017 Quarto book on meditation, Five-Minute Mindfulness: Walking.

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