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Personal Retreats & Intensive Therapy

Fully customized intensives,
retreats and pilgrimages

Therapy may happen best in the outdoors, in your home, or in a special setting that supports a deeper intention to heal and live with authenticity. Sometimes the 50-minutes-per-week standard formula for therapy is not appropriate or sufficient. At key moments of crisis or readiness to change, we sometimes need to dig deep and keep digging in a sustained way for a chunk of time. Personal growth is not an event but a process, and healing sometimes best happens through a process, like taking a journey. For these reasons I offer personalized individual retreats, intensives and pilgrimage.

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Making a commitment to self care

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be,” said Abraham Lincoln. This speaks to an important component of the quest for personal growth: there’s a decision that must be made to do the work required to change the patterns we need to change.

When you commit to a retreat or intensive, you are making an important and empowering decision: Committing resources to your inner development. That commitment is like telling yourself, “Yes, this is possible. I can grow, I can change, I can learn.” It’s a choice to set aside the doubts and worries that can hold us prisoner, and say, “Yes!”

Another powerful aspect of a retreat or intensive is the focused, sustained time and effort devoted to your goal. Imagine learning a language by studying it one hour a week. Then imagine what would happen to that process through immersion- devoting several days to learning it. There’s a level of learning that goes far deeper, and has more sustainable results. This is one of the reasons that most wisdom traditions, such as meditation, encourage practitioners to go on retreat- it’s a recognition of the power of time devoted to a single focus.

A retreat or intensive creates a powerful disruption of business as usual- our normal way of operating in the world, in which habitual patterns are continually reinforced. Stepping out of everyday patterns for a sustained period of time disrupts the stuck or self-limiting patterns- and in that disruption there is the fertile ground for new patterns to be identified, understood and nurtured. The new pattern of thinking, responding to emotions, or behavior becomes a blueprint for positive life changes going forward, based on direct, lived experience, not simply conversation. From then on, it’s in your bones, not just the mind.

Intensives and retreats are fully customized to address the goals, needs and schedule of each client, including:

  • Intensive support over several days for addressing challenges in depth and for accelerated growth and skill development

  • Inspiring locations to support growth and wellness, including wellness-based retreat centers such as the Kripalu Center; nature-based locations such as mountain lodges to leverage the medicinal power of sustained time in natural settings; for some clients this supports a desire to deepen their personal spirituality

  • A variety of issues including relationship crisis and conflict; addiction or habit cessation such as stopping smoking, drinking, pornography or media dependence, and other addictions

  • A range of supportive services including yoga and meditation instruction; walking and hiking, cross-country skiing and other activities can be woven into the counseling process

Tele/Online Therapy

For several years I’ve been giving clients the option of meeting online and since then I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients from all around the world, including Europe and Africa. If it’s not convenient for you to meet with me in Cambridge but feel I may be a good fit for your personal wellbeing goals, please contact me  to discuss this option.

Other Areas of Specialty

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What Clients Say:

Doug, the words ‘thank you’ don’t seem to be enough to tell you that you’ve helped me to be comfortable in my own skin and realize who I am.

Michelle T.

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